Custom Framing

  • Among the many services we offer here at Pyramid Art, Books, and Custom Framing; museum quality picture framing is among our most developed areas of expertise. We have provided custom framing to the greater Little Rock are for over 29 years; offering a wide selection of design techniques that provide an aesthetically pleasing product, while also conserving & protecting our customers cherished and valuable artwork. Our framers possess a wealth of experience and expertise, along with keen artistic instincts, with a strong desire to deliver our customers the best product possible. Due to this we strive to only use the highest quality materials from distributors we trust, while staying up to date with the ever-evolving standards of this industry.

What is an Art Check?

  • Here at Pyramid, we offer a service we call Art Check. This is a service where we visit your home, or place of business to inspect the quality of framing on your collections of art. We offer this, to educate our customers on the importance of conservation quality picture framing; and to ensure that any aging artwork being threatened by the use of low quality materials, is diagnosed and resolved. We focus primarily on fine art, autographed memorabilia, diplomas & degrees, and sentimental family photos & documents. Our goal in providing this service, is not only as a means of fixing what was previously mistreated, but to teach our customers the signs of bad framing practices so that they may make informed decisions in future framing endeavors.

How it Works

  • If you believe your artwork may be in jeopardy due to negligent framing practices, or have a large collection but you’re unsure whether it is getting the proper protection needed, our experienced employees will personally come to your business or place of residence to examine and determine the status of your wall furnishings.

  • We will be looking for common signs of damage such as;

    • Fading and bleaching due to UV light exposure

    • Fading & bleaching due to the use of acidic framing materials

    • Signs of debris, dust, and insect activity on the interior of your framed artwork

  • We will also inspect;

    • The quality of materials used; determining whether non-acidic, conservation quality materials were used.

    • The quality in the installation, i.e. ensuring proper fixtures and hanging techniques have been used in the installation of your artwork

Professional Art Transportation

Here at Pyramid Art, Books, and Custom Framing our employees are frequently handling artwork throughout their daily routines. Because of this, it is only natural that we occasionally encounter damaged works of art. Most commonly, we find damage due to malpractice in the storage and framing of the work. However, another common and potentially more harmful source of damage, occurs when art is handled and transported by people with no real knowledge of how fine art is supposed to be treated. When art is transported improperly; glass on framed pieces can shatter causing abrasions to the artwork, works on canvas can often be torn or left with permanent indentations, statues and sculptures can end up chipped and broken. In order to prevent this from happening to your artwork, we developed a service to offer satisfaction guaranteed Commercial & Residential Art Transportation.

Don’t let the moving company handle your precious collections; allow our employees to come to you with experienced hands, and our brand-new company vehicle to properly handle, transport, and even install your artwork in your new home, or office. The same hands that hang our exhibits & handle our framing will be personally packaging, delivering, and hanging your artwork for you. With our expertise and knowledge of the trade, our service will provide you with a sense of comfort knowing that your artwork will arrive at its destination in the same condition it departed in.


 Call Randy Taylor our Framing Specialist for more details (501) 372-5824