Diedra Levi
Leviis considered a seasoned and passionate expert on HIV/AIDS in Arkansas. She has created programming that addresses the needs of marginalized communities with an emphasis on LGBTQ people of color. She has been awarded the National Positive Leadership Award by the National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA). Diedra was voted as one of the 2011 top 20 Minority Health Advocates by the Arkansas Minority Health Commission. She has served as the Co-Chair for the Arkansas Community Planning Group and led the Arkansas HIV Community Advocates coalition. As the founder and CEO of the community based organization, The Living Affected Corporation (LACorp), she has spear-headed advocacy, from the human rights perspective, that addresses the physiological needs of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS to be prioritized ahead of all other HIV/AIDS intervention efforts. This program has been called, “HEFTE”, which simply stands for housing, education, food, treatment and employment. She has also led the organizations publishing arm which to date has published two books which feature the stories of people living with AIDS.

The first health resource guide, “Holistic Health Arkansas,” and Arkansas’ first LGBTQ Health Journal, Omnibus, are also part of the LACorp Publishing entries. She has also authored “Sex, Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Diseases,” used for Professional Development of Little Rock School District Health Teachers and other organizations.

In 2012, Diedra led the Comprehensive Prevention Plan Committee in researching and writing the State of Arkansas’ Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan which was accepted without changes by the Arkansas Community Planning Group for the Jurisdictional Plan for Arkansas.

For 2013, she is working to repeal Arkansas’ HIV criminalization law by showing the contrast and possibilities of making the HIV law, Arkansas State Code 5-14-123, the same as that for Tuberculosis. She, along with community partners, is publishing a manual for the standards and procedures for universities who find students that are HIV positive. Diedra has served on the Southern Advocacy Leadership Council and was recently asked to join the Southern AIDS Coalition Board of Directors.

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