Eddie Washington

eddie washingtonI was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1941, and lived there until my 21st birthday. I lived through the 1957 Little Rock Integration Crisis. I attended Dunbar, Horace Mann and J.C. Cook High Schools and am a member Horace Mann’s “Lost Class” of 1959.

My first 21 years of life are described in my debut book, Pegasus: The White Man. The Red Horse. The Black Boy.

I retired from the United States Army after a career spanning 22 years in Military Intelligence. During that period, I lived over ten years abroad, serving over eight years in Germany and over two years in Turkey. In my second career, I was a Program Manager and a Subcontract Manager in the defense industry for 29 years. I was riffed in 2013, which gave me opportunity publish my first book.

I have AA and BS degrees from the University of Maryland, a BA degree from Methodist University and an MSBA from Boston University. I have over ten years collegiate teaching experience and am presently an adjunct instructor an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I am married, have three grown son and live in Southern Maryland. I plan to write more books and short stories.

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Pegasus by Eddie Washington