Linda Williams

IMG_4198is an author, host of Talking With Linda Celebrity Radio Show, songwriter, gospel recording artist, producer, etiquette instructor and motivational speaker.

About the Book: Linda’s Tip Of The Day is a motivational, self-help and etiquette book filled with guidance and practical applications. It provides a wealth of advice and information on how to enhance your life daily. “In this book, I emphasize how this is your opportunity to go on a wonderful life journey.

Perhaps you have lived for many years, but you have not climbed a mountain, gone fishing or enrolled in college. Allow Linda’s Tip of the Day to be your inspiration to challenge you and your family members to pursue your goals and dreams. You will never know whether you can handle the tasks if you don’t take a chance. You are the only one who can hold you back from personal growth and development and who can shine a bright light on a path that leads to a successful life.”

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