Melanie Jackson
MelanieMelanie Bynum Jackson is new to the writing industry with hopes of making a huge impression on my readers with her book The Wonder. Born and raised in Arkansas, she has always had a passion for writing. She has written poetry throughout high school and college, but tucked it away in numerous journals, tablets and scrap pieces of paper. She say’s can’t tell you where half of that stuff is now.

It wasn’t until she shared some of my work with a friend, that she decided it was time to do something. That wonderful friend gave her a personalized journal for completing work which included the title of a book (unpublished) and the words, “by Renowned Author Melanie Jackson” at the bottom and “New York Times Best Seller” in the upper right hand corner! Nine years later and a lot of life lessons in between, she finally finished. The title and scenario’s are different, but the author remains the same, and The Wonder has been birthed.

Melanie grew up in North Little Rock and received a degree in Radio/TV/Film from University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She married, has two wonderful children and is now going through the pre-teen and teenage years with them. She reside in Little Rock with her husband Keith and sons, Kenyon and Koilan. She is the Community Outreach Coordinator for P.A.R.K. (Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids), an extraordinary after-school ministry started by my husband. When she’s not working at P.A.R.K. or writing, she enjoy cooking and baking.

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